Finding our edge in Yoga

Through Yoga practice we must learn to find the edge of ourselves, the edge of the yoga posture.

Having found the edge, that is when we hold, we stay, we allow ourselves to become still and receptive. We then find the edge moves, we do not have to make it do so, it just does. By reaching our current edge, by utilising our current capacity to the full, the edge moves, our capacity spontaneously increases. This is how we grow.

As yoga begins to release us from tension we start to see that the body and mind do not function separately. We start to notice that in each area of physical resistance (tension, weakness and irritation) embodies an emotional pattern. Yoga involves the release of your true potential.

This means the full power of your body and the full power of your mind will be available to you. The deeper you go into the practice, the more this potential will fulfil itself.

Even those of you just starting out on your practice will notice:

  • greater relaxation and calmness;
  • increased freedom of movement,
  • improved balance,
  • enhanced concentration and alertness,
  • increased self-confidence, determination and contentment.

It is these practical and immediate benefits that will inspire you to practice further .