In 2016 I lost my love and passion for yoga. There were a couple of reasons for this.

  • Running the yoga Weekends was becoming too much like a job, the business side of things was getting me down, I was doing too much, I had burned out and I just wanted a break.
  • I developed a couple of health issues where Yoga did not seem to help. Having spent years teaching people yoga for various ailments when I really seemed to need it – it stopped working. I lost faith in the tools and the magic of Yoga.

But now all that has changed…

I have always been a reluctant Yogi as many of you know so it did not take that much to divert me into other things. When I started Yoga my body found a lot of it quite easy. As I got older it started to resist.

Now in 2018 I am on my way back. I have regular (daily) yoga practice and also practice Meditation every day as well.

What about those health issues? Well, they are getting better and guess what is behind that? Yoga is!!

I appreciate Yoga now more than ever. I will not be going back to teaching but I will share my insights here and on my website.

I hope this video helps anyone who might have lapsed from their yoga practice.