I’ve been on two of your courses now and have two more booked! I love immersing myself in yoga for the weekend and your fun, smiley way of teaching really makes for a relaxing and revitalising weekend. Stella

The yoga classes were fantastic – our teacher had an extremely calming, non-judgmental disposition and was as helpful as could be. Highly recommended. Lenny

Just wanted to say thanks so much for a great Yoga weekend last weekend. Juliet

I really enjoyed the Yoga Weekend – it was great, and you are a great teacher. You paced it absolutely perfectly. Melanie

A quick line to thank you for helping to make my birthday break so enjoyable with the yoga weekend in Cornwall. I felt like I had been away for 3 weeks, rather than 3 days and when I got home everyone has commented on how well I am looking!! Will definitely be back next time.  Jane

Just to say a very big thank you for a wonderful few days. You are a true inspiration. I WILL BE BACK!!!!! Stella

I REALLY enjoyed the carefully considered structure of each yoga class and your inimitable style of presentation with its finely balanced combination of technique, wisdom and humour. Thank you for making each class on the yoga holiday such an experience; so much more than just another yoga retreat. Yoga with personality. John

Emma and I really enjoyed the yoga classes and came back so much more relaxed. I got a lot more out of my usual ashtanga class this week as well by incorporating some of the things we had learnt on the weekend. We all said we would definitely want to come back. Thanks again.  Louise 

Thank you for a fantastic time, the yoga left me feeling full of energy. I made some new friends and the food was fabulous. What made this special was it had the right balance of yoga and time to enjoy the local area, and the odd glass of wine. I will certainly be back in the new year.’ Sue 

After last weekend’s classes I felt such a benefit, just walking down the road there was a spring in the step! Nigel

You’ve been a sensitive and calming yoga teacher, and have helped me incorporate yoga into my everyday life. Yoga has helped rid me of backache, encourage me to exercise & eat well, and manage stress & emotional/physical pain. Your practical emphasis has kept me at it, and you’ve succeeded in removing damaging competitive elements which can reduce confidence. I used to feel embarrassed to exercise as I felt unfit, but your classes made me feel comfortable with my ability, which has extended to other areas of my life. Lucinda

Our teacher taught yoga with a rare perception:- how to translate yoga from its eastern culture to our western lifestyle, without compromise. We learnt how to use yoga as a tool in life to attain union within mind, body and spirit. This he achieved in his grounded, compassionate manner, always tinged with his self-effacing sense of humour. I have been looking for the right yoga teacher for 8 years and the fact that I have traveled 70 miles for a yoga weekend must tell you that this man is worth checking out – you won’t regret it! Carol 

I attended my first yoga weekend as a beginner, but already it has made such a difference in my life. My original aim was to use yoga for stress management and to help a frozen shoulder and, six months later, I have full use of my shoulder and understand more the use of the breath to help with stress. I will see you in September as I will be coming to Cornwall for the yoga weekend with my daughter. Pam

I attended my first yoga weekend over a year and a half ago and I have learnt so much in that time, developing myself both physically and mentally. Thank you for your enthusiasm and inspiration. Liz

I feel I have got so much from the Yoga at Work weekends, and this is a real credit to the inspirational team of teachers. Cath

I have found the yoga classes varied, interesting and well themed and you have accommodated people’s specific problems such as backs and RSI excellently. Helen

As a complete newcomer to yoga it has been an introduction to a form of exercise and relaxation that I really enjoy and appreciate and hope to continue with for the rest of my life! Sharon

We have thoroughly enjoyed the yoga weekend with you – we left feeling totally refreshed and calm. We also loved the way there was always humour in the class as well. Some yoga classes can be so strict and serious – it was very refreshing to find your fun and relaxed class, at which we could go at our own pace. Thank you for getting us back into Yoga! Abbie & Stephanie

I would like to say how much I have enjoyed the yoga weekend. I feel that you have shown how true tranquillity can be achieved and how to achieve this peace of mind through yoga. Your yoga class stretches the body in a very positive, energising way. This is a great achievement, especially when most of us work so hard in our every day lives. Pam

I have been attending the yoga weekends regularly for the last year now and  benefit from a whole new outlook towards life. My stress levels and anxiety levels have reduced significantly. Each time I attend a yoga weekend, my yoga practice improves more and more each time which enhances both my focus and breathing technique. Every class is a different experience and certainly enjoyable. This type of practice is very non competitive which is perfect for me as I like to go at my own pace! The classes are easy to follow which makes home practice structured also.  James

I would just like to say how much I have enjoyed taking part in your yoga weekend…the way you invariably link each class to issues/problems/challenges in everyday life is particularly effective and helps to bring more meaning to ‘yoga in practice’. Graham

‘Thank you once again for the yoga weekend. I had a really great time, and it was everything that I hoped it would be. I thought the hotel was amazing, and very much enjoyed the yoga. After the class on Sunday morning, I felt more relaxed than I can remember being for a long time! Susie 

Dear Phil, I must thank you for the best night’s sleep I’ve had in months, after attending your yoga class last night for the first time. As you said, it’s so easy to slump into a chair after a hard day’s work and think you’re ‘relaxed’ but your way is so much better! I really look forward to next week’s class. Best wishes’. Christine

Dear Phil, The yoga summer school class yesterday was just excellent – a great source of ideas and inspiration. The handout was very good as well. Thanks for all the preparation you put into it. Best wishes’ Richard Gordon (BWY Yoga teacher)

I just wanted to write to tell you how much I enjoyed last week’s yoga weekend. I found it extremely relaxing and enjoyable. Last week was the most relaxed I’ve felt in ages.. I look upon my yoga weekends as ‘Therapy’ and I look forward to the next one! Jo

I first started attending the yoga weekends about 4 (maybe 5!) years ago because I found I was starting to get an ache in my back from sitting at a computer all day. Within a couple of weeks it had gone and I have hardy even had a twinge since. Tina

Just really wanted to thank you for the yoga weekend classes. I thoroughly enjoyed it and it is exactly what I’m looking for, I only wish I’d tried it sooner! Faye

May I just say that I have previously suffered from panic-attacks and anxiety and that since attending your yoga weekends, my breathing has improved, my state-of-mind seems very much clearer and my whole body seems far more relaxed. What I’ve particularly picked up is the ability to fall into this state of calm whenever I feel I’m entering into a stressful situation (through breathing exercises) – which is invaluable to me. Carry on the good work. Yvonne

I just wanted to say that the last yoga weekend was really lovely. When it ended, I quite wanted to do it all over again! Purnima

Just wanted to register my thanks for a wonderful yoga weekend. It was certainly one of the most enjoyable for me. I particularly enjoyed the simple sequence which started on the knees – arms swept up – swan position I felt deeply relaxed at the end. Looking forward to the next one. Pamela

I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed last week’s yoga weekend. I found I was able to concentrate much better, and able to focus by using the breathing techniques you taught us. I have even tried the ‘alternate nostril breathing’ at work during a stressful moment and found it definitely helps! Jo

I found the asthma exercises very useful and learned features of it which I didn’t know before (despite suffering for 20 years!) Emma

Another very enjoyable yoga weekend. Thank you. Hard work but if my bed had been next to my yoga mat I could have quite happily rolled into it at the end of the class, I was so relaxed. It was a shame to break the moment and venture out!  Helen

I thought I should let you know that I slept like a baby after this week’s yoga weekend!  Patrick

The yoga weekends are excellent and have improved my suppleness and given me a daily routine to focus on. Even if I do not practice yoga everyday!  Chris

A real eye opener, I have learnt things which I now do everyday and benefit from. Geoff 

Thank you so much. You are a very inspiring, genuine and phenomenal yoga instructor. Magdalena