Your Yoga mat just wants you to turn up

Yoga Home Practice Tips

Instead of looking at the clock and trying to figure out how many sun salutations you can fit in before you have to get on with your day, or trying to work out if you do have time to put on that Yoga DVD,  just unroll your Yoga mat and lie down!

You do not need to tell your body what to do, instead listen to what your body and mind need.  Actively listen to what your body is telling you.  Perhaps you need to do some slow spinal twists, perhaps you even need to stay in a posture for a lot longer than your normally do.  Tap in a rich seam of mindfulness and just let your breath guide your practice.

Also remember to relax the corners of your mouth, in fact why not smile with your whole body.   Learn to love the simple aspects of yoga, just observe and be without judgement.  This is your yoga practice, enjoy 🙂