Tinnitus Success – 10 Things That Helped Me

10 Things That Helped Me

  1. I stopped trying to get better. The relief on my tired nervous system was huge! -(no need to worry about Tinnitus stats on time or percentages of people who seem to get stuck
  2. I stopped trawling forums and the internet trying to find another human being who’s symptoms matched mine exactly – (See this as advice from the future, there is no one like you! )
  3. I recognised that reaction and anxiety were the real problems.
  4. Once I had the knowledge from other success stories I rationed how many times I went on a Tinnitus forum for reassurance – (or to see if someone said it would not work) 
  5. I decided to eat or drink whatever I liked (yummy)
  6.  I started to see how my thoughts were highjacking my recovery – be mindful of what you inwardly broadcast 
  7. I looked for 5 things to be grateful for each day.
  8. I labelled T as just a body sensation that everyone can experience.
  9. I read this Book
  10. I avoided all negativity I had control over ( eg internet forums – no one else is making you read 200 comments on a scary Tinnitus post from 2004)


I thought I was in this 2% club of people who get stuck, I even trawled through success posts trying to pinpoint the exact time they started to feel better and then compare it to how long I had been suffering. The hours of work I put into this is mindblowing. I even got T in the other ear for my trouble. It was at this point (see other posts for more detail) I just gave up and embraced the first point in this post. With me out of the way, my brain got the green light and my recovery joined in with the work already going on behind the scenes.

You will be fine, this body sensation will mean nothing and as your awareness goes elsewhere it will fade into the background (which is a very big space indeed)


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