Tinnitus Success – It is all about where your attention is  

It is all about where your attention is.
This is a mind game and fear is dealing the cards, you need to get into another game.
They say your brain can only really concentrate on 6 or 7 things at one time. Let’s presume it is 7.

This is your brain in the first stages
1. I have Tinnitus I cannot live like this
2. Tinnitus might get worse
3. I need to google more about Tinnitus
4. I can hear Tinnitus everywhere
5. My Tininitus is different
6.Tinnitus, Tinnitus, Tinnitus, Tinnitus
7. I miss my life

This is your Brain later on
1. Tinnitus is so annoying sometimes
2. I need to get back to that client
3. Not sure I noticed Tinnitus in the restaurant
4. I seem to be thinking about Tinnitus even when I cannot hear it
5. I need to pick the kids up later
6. It is getting better, It is getting worse (rinse repeat)
7. Let’s go out for a walk again

Then later still
1. Going away for the weekend was great, I must do that more often
2. I am really enjoying this new project
3. Work is a bit stressful at the moment – There is that body sensation again
4. I am looking forward to cooking tonight
5. I seem to be only aware of Tinntus in quiet places or if I think of it
6. The Phil Aston may not be mad after all
7. I am going to be fine

1 – 7 Life is life

Does this mean you never hear it?  Nope, if you want to, there it is.  The point is not whether you hear it or not.  The point is you do not care anymore, it has no power.  Your brain starts to file it next to ticking clocks and other sounds that make up life.

Here is another example
I hate the dentist, everything about it from the smell of the room to the noises.  I cannot forget the directions on how to get to the dentist. So if I need to go, I know how to get there.  I am aware of my teeth in my mouth, I brush them each day, I feel them etc
But on a day to day basis I do not think about the dentist or my teeth.  The directions to the dentist are part of a neural network in my brain.
The Tinnitus sound is the same.  It is a sound that anyone on earth can hear in the right circumstances.  There are some of us who now know how to find this sound and once you have the directions you cannot really forget how to find the sound.  However, just like anything when you are distracted and your attention is elsewhere your brain files this information away under ‘not required unless spooked‘ and then ‘file under ‘no longer important’.

NB: T is just a sound – raging toothache is something else


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