Tinnitus Success – are you trying too hard to get better?

Are you trying too hard to get better?  Your body wants you to try less, it knows what to do.
You need to stop trying to get better so you actually start to heal
This is what I did and started studying Tinnitus to degree level. You need to study something else with this intensity.

The other thing you are doing (it is what everyone does) is trying to find someone else on the planet who.
1. Got Tinnitus in exactly the same way you did
2. Who has Tinnitus that behaves exactly like yours
3. Who found a key/supplement/technique that fast-tracked habituation

and just like me (and many others), you are trying to read yourself better.
In a nutshell, you are looking for reassurance (which is fine), but you are now in the period when you have to do the work and give it time.

My Tinnitus came on all of a sudden
It could have been ear wax, having my ear syringed, Labyrithitus, ETD, Stress, Googling the subject, who knows but I went from zero to full screaming T in about 24 hours.  It was louder than the shower. All sounds were also distorted.
If you read my story I even got it in my other ear and also got pulsative Tinnitus as well after about 3 years.  Plus other sounds. During this time I kept a journal documenting my progress.  When it got worse I gave up, I stopped trying to get better, I just melted into a big mental heap on the floor.  Except I didn’t really because behind the scenes my brain had been doing its stuff.  And with me out the way, my recovery went to another level.  Most times now I am unaware of it.
The point is you have to not care if you hear it, there is no need for stats on volume, times of the day, activities or percentages.  Once the fear and being bothered by the sound melts away then you are telling your brain this is no longer important, there is no need to monitor this anymore.

You are thinking how do you get to this not bothering phase?  It happens behind the scenes.  In the beginning, your brain believes your panic and thinks this Tinnitus thing is a threat to life.  As time passes it starts to realise that life is continuing and it is actually not such threat as it is being told.
So as much as you try and keep the irritation going you will find your self being distracted back to other things.
Meditation helped me, I would sit and try and just listen to the sound and find I drifted off to what I was having for lunch!

Also, you will in time just relax wherever you are and not care.  You will sit in quiet rooms, be in the car with the engine off, visit churches etc

Take the knowledge from here and start to put together a strategy that is just for you.

One day at a time


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